Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Irish Trash Can

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Ok, so you've heard me raving about this drink called a trash can. One of the biggest disappoinments that I was facing when GLAM closed was where would I get to drink another trash can??!?! Well thanks to Google (this is by far one of the best inventions, EVER) I just typed the words trash can alcohol drink and low and behold, many, many links popped up with the recipe for the drink. Now, I am sharing this fantastic drink with all of you!!!

Now the recipe says put it in a glass and still some how manage to get the whole can of red bull to fit in it. However, just do as GLAM does it and put it in a pitcher... I promise you'll only need one.

1 part Curacao, blue
1 part Gin
1 part Rum, light
1 part Schnapps, peach
1 part Triple Sec
1 part Vodka
1 can Red Bull

Glass to Use
Collins glass or a pitcher as I suggested. If you use a pitcher, double or triple the amount of ingredients. LOL.

Mixing Instructions
Fill glass full of ice, then add all liquors and stir. Add full can of Red Bull. It will float and slowly seep down the glass, turning the mix green, hence the name Irish Trash Can!

Now doesn't this look sooo refreshing???

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Anonymous said...

You aren't supposed to mix the Red Bull in! The can sits tilted on top, and as you drink from the straw the Red Bull fills in what you drank.

Anonymous said...

The Green Room in Flagstaff, AZ was the bar/club that started this idea! It's called a Recycle Bin.