Friday, October 31, 2008

Sweet Jebus

The girls over at Married to the Mob have done it once again....they've put out a shoe. However this time they're collaborating with Nike. The MOB Nike Dunk is set to drop Saturday, November 8th!!! Holy Hell Batman, I want a pair. The following stores is where you'll be able to cop these bad boys:
21 Mercer


UNDFTD Santa Monica




UNDFTD Las Vegas


Oh yeah, and they're new look book is out, too!

George W Flush

No matter who you are pulling for in this election, the popularity polls indicate that the vast majority of Americans are ready to see Bush pack up his things and get the hell out of the White House. While there is tons of anti-Bush paraphernalia out there, few things capture our disdain as well as "George W. Flush"—a design by famed urinal sculptor Clark Sorensen.

Unfortunately, this urinal is one of a kind, but it will be on display at his one-man show entitled "Down The Drain - The Legacy of George W. Bush." at Ruby's Clay Studio and Gallery in San Francisco. The show runs from January 17 to February 16, 2009. Hopefully, visitors will be allowed to relieve themselves in it. Let's be honest—it would be satisfying on multiple levels.

Thanks to the people over at for the info

Happy Halloween!!!

Be safe out there tonight ya'll! And make sure your costume looks better than this...

We all know how much I heart Kim, but this is just not flattering on her.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's about time!

Blackberry will be releasing the new Pink skin color on 11/11/08! That's just days away kids. These skin protectors have already been released in different colors, however they've finally added pink! SWEET!

In your face Diddy

Now I know the whole East Coast - West Coast rivalry has been squashed for many years now, but did former member of Danity Kane, Aubrey O'Day, really have to stick it to her old boss Diddy like this?


The Beatles will Rock you

The Beatles and Apple Computer are celebrating the end of the feud between them with a ridiculously expensive limited-edition iPod.

The Fab Four and Apple's long-awaited first joint venture isn't to bring the Beatles catalog to iTunes, but a $795 Beatles-branded 120GB iPod. The Beatles pod features the band's logo on the front and Abbey Road laser-engraved on the back and, for reasons unexplained, comes packaged with the band's entire 13-album catalog on CD instead of pre-loaded. It also ships in a special collectors' box. For sale exclusively at Bloomingdale's, the package is limited to 2,500 units.

Of course this is all speculation at this point...

Coldest Winter

Here's a new joint that was leaked off the new Kanye West album. It's dedicated to his late mother and samples "Memories Fade" by Tears for Fears.

Zoom Zoom Zuma!

Ms. Gwen Stefani posed with new baby, Zuma. Too cute for words!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wet Seal

One of my favorite stores ever, Wet Seal, is having a sale on their destroyed jean... only $15. Now that's a bargain!!

Don't Vote!!!

Everyone in Hollywood came out to make this video about voting. It's pretty funny!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

For Audrey

Thanks to my girls over at The Fresh Fiends, I found out about a new nail polish color from China Glaze. The polish is a limited edition Tiffany inspired turquoise creme nail lacquer titled, "For Audrey"...for Ms. Holly Golightly herself, Audrey Hepburn. The color in the bottle looks almost identical to the Tiffany & Co bags, but not so much on my nails. I put 3 coats on to see if maybe the more coats the deeper the color...yeah, not so much

PS. Don't laugh at my gigantic big toe. LOL.

Hello Kitty?!?

World meet Kitty!

He's a stray kitten that was left behind a few years ago to fend for himself. But don't fret, a neighbor and I take it upon ourselves to feed and watch out for the cat. I call him, Kitty. LOL. It's so fitting don't ya think!? Kitty is a dope cat, when I come home from work, Kitty hauls ass past me to my front door and proceeds to do some weird cat tricks. LOL. Like doing some flips and rolls around in the rocks. And for his efforts of making me laugh, I find something in my fridge for him to eat. LOL. The bf says he doesn't like the cat because Kitty always sleeps on Rooks car (haha), but I think Rook has taken a liking to him!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Guitar Heroes

This has to be one of the best commercials I've seen in a long time. Kobe kills it and Tony Hawk is hilarious with the drums around his body while on a skateboard. Classic!

And for all you youngins, they're emulating a scene from 80's movie, Risky Business.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Nightmare on Elm Street

I don't know how accurate this video is, because while searching for the new remake of Nightmare on Elm Street, I ran across a ton of fake versions. But I believe this to be legit. OMG, I am so excited for this remake. The music alone is giving me the creeps!

This is for you, Summer!

Check out the teaser trailer for the new Friday the 13th remake - not a sequel. I'm not one to watch Saw or movies of that nature, but I have always been a fan of scary movies from the 80's...particularly, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Friday the 13th.

Juicy Loves Sephora

Introducing an exclusive line of accessories from Juicy Couture- lux train cases, zip-up pouches, and brush sets all fit to royally rock your style. It's very pricey, but if you're able to afford it, then these babies are too cute to pass up


Seems as though the recession isn't hurting Mr. Sean Combs these days. Diddy just purchased the clothing line Enyce from Liz Claiborn for $20 million. I didn't even know that clothing company was still around.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I LOVE this commercial!

Macy's Department Store, the 150 Years Commercial Celebration. That's The Magic of Macy's.The history of Macy's, as told through 150 years of American popular culture. This is a wonderful compilation celebrating 150 years of the Macy's Department Store. Created by JWT, New York, the commercial tugs are our emotions with brief glimpses of memorable TV moments and celebrities that will never be forgotten.

Chuck Bass

Chuck Bass, played by Ed Westwick, is featured very heavily in last night's episode of Gossip Girl titled "Chuck in Real Life" … and to celebrate, The CW has whipped up a fun little mash-up video to promote the ep using Britney Spears’s new single Womanizer:
By the way, if you're not watching Gossip Girl, then you're totally MISSING out!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy 1 Year Anniversary

This week marks my one year anniversary of giving up eating pork and beef. Way to go, Me!

Hova & AM

Rumor has it that DJ AM (yeah that DJ) will be accompaning Hova on tour. Their first stop was this past Wednesday night at the Hollywood Palladium.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

She's baaackkk!

Yesterday I posted a steamy still pic of Britney Spears' new video, Womanizer. Well, my lovelies, the video has finally premiered. YAY!! I've been waiting almost 2 years for Ms. Spears to be not-so-crazy. She's back in full effect...and full sexiness!

New Red...

Just in time for the Christmas holiday, MAC Cosmetics has released the new "Red" She Said series...
The retro-starlet allure of Hollywood glamour, with a modern twist. A season where lips connive, then confess in shades of provocative holiday reds. Party season and passions flare! "Red" She Said, and no one could resist her...

Free Shipping Offer: Receive free standard shipping with any purchase. Use offer code RED8 at checkout.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Next Lifetime

I heard this song on XM radio...this was, still is the shit! And how sexy is Meth and Andre!?!? Yum!

Britney Naked

On the release of her new music video for her hit single, Womanizer, the execs said the video was too steamy, so they're digitally adding more steam to Brits sexy sauna scene, to hide her nakedness! Here's a before and after shot

New Kids on the Block

I have been a fan of NKOTB (New Kids on the Block) since I was eleven years when I heard they were reuniting it was like I was 12 years old again. Thanks to my fam, Chino, my cousin and I were able to go to the concert plus the meet n greet. I can officially die now! At the meet n greet, only Donnie and Danny came out, but whatever...they're better than no new kids! We were privileged enough to get to see Donnie rehearse. It was one of the best concerts, EVER!

I found all my old new kids pics, was trying to decide on which one to take. LOL

Danny Wood

Danny and Leonora

Joe singing to me

Joe singing again

All the fine fellas

Mr. Donnie Wahlberg!

Step on my shoes, I will kill you!

I don't wear sneakers very often...I'm more of a flip flop kinda girl and when I go out, I'll rock some heels. However having a sneaker fiend as a bf, I've been buying a few sneakers here and there....actually, the bf has bought me the shoes. LOL. Well I decided to rock the Halloween dunks (it is the season), and this drunk broad stepped on the I realize it may have been my fault for wearing brand new sneakers to the club, but that didn't stop me from almost giving the girl a beat down. LOL.

Hidden House

On the second stop of Rookie's bday weekend, we went to Hidden House on Saturday night. Real music, cheap drinks, real chill. Loves it there.

Cheesecake Factory

It has been a crazy ass weekend...haven't been able to post at all, but no worries my pretty's, I am back! As you know this past Thursday was the bf's birthday, so we had a bday dinner for him on Friday night at the Cheesecake Factory. Good times all around. Shouts out to Dearly Departed, Fresh Fiends, Baby P, JStar, and JStar's friend for coming thru! You made my bf's dinner special and for that, I thank you!

The Gang

This is the card Slim and Sum gave Rook...hahahahaha look at the shoes!

Dearly Departed

Chicken and Biscuits are the business!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

You're my hot thing

Thanks to the Cool Kids (M2 & Karlie Hustle) for the dope mixtape they released that has yet to leave my cd player. I love the whole cd, but I am really loving Talib's Hot thing song (yeah yeah I know it's old, but I can still appreciate), so it made me think about the video. Low and behold, he did do a video for it. It's a parody of the HP commercials. Ill!

Killer Heels...Literally

This ad gives new meaning to killer heels. I think it's fantastic, unfortunatley, the ad was banned and pulled from all British magazines saying it promoted violence, especially towards men. Wack!

Rookie for President!

Happy Birthday Babes! I love you!

I had to add this picture because it's dope; my babes is hanging with Kobe...and it's almost LAKER time kids! Lets go Lakers!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

LOL... LOL... LOL...

A friend of mine, Aaron, sent this to me and I couldn't stop laughing. I guess it's a French film... the title is flippin hilarious!

Love Lock down official video

Kanye was on the Ellen show and debuted the new video for Love Lock down!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Art and Music

After the birthday party on Saturday night, the bf and I weren't ready to go home just quite yet, so we decided to hit up the Juxtapoz/Upper Playground/Sparks "Ignite What's Next" art tour (say that 3 times fast) at the Marquee theater. We got there kind of late, but it was dope nonetheless. Especially to see something like this in Phoenix. We had the privilege of meeting one of the artists, Sam Flores, who is just ill with his work and a super nice cat! Big shouts out to him! Here's a few flicks from the night.

Speaking of Halloween

I went to a Halloween costume shop this weekend to try and find something for the upcoming holiday. While I was in the store I ran across this since by bf doesn't like this holiday, he doesn't get dressed up. So I thought of the perfect costume for us!!! He can go as himself, Rookie, and I'll go as Sexy Rookie!!! Look at the bottom left of the pic!

Hahahhahahahahhaha! Just kidding, but it would be hilarious!

I have a few costume ideas, but I can't reveal them quite yet. Don't want anyone to steal them!

Happy Early Halloween

The bf and I went to our friend Kasey's daughter's Halloween themed birthday party on Saturday night. It's always nice to be around friends and family. Here's a few pics of the birthday girls and the costumes.

Ugly Betty, Flava Flav, and the two birthday princesses

The bf picked out the dopest vans for the girls' bday presents..matching of course. By the looks of baby girls face, she loves the shoes. And who wouldn't!?