Monday, June 30, 2008

Nicole Angela

some how I'm related to this girl... she's a 3rd cousin of sorts.. I believe. She is my grandma's sisters grandaughter.... I'll let you figure that one out. LOL. In the meantime, I just wanted you all to hear the Filipino National Anthem! She did a dope job!!!

This goes out to all my flips!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Kobe is gettin' it from every angle

This week had to be a tough week for Kobe. First, Shaq raps about Kobe at an NYC nightclub that made front page news and had David Stern berating Shaq for his behavior. And on the heels of all the shaq and kobe controversy, comes a shirt by Bodega; this shirt has to hurt. LOL. It's pretty self explanatory, with the words "no means no", and a picture of Paul Pierce blocking a shot by Kobe. That is painful to see. Ha. But to me, is there some sort of hidden message underneath the words no means no?? Could they be taking a stab at the whole sexual assault ordeal?? If so, that's fucked up, but hella clever. I'm just pissed at myself for thinking the shirt is dope!!

Long live the Lakers!!!

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New Common feat. Pharrell "Announcement"

Thank to my people over at Okayplayer, I was able to hear the new common joint featuring my husband, Mr. Skateboard P.


Tell me this isn't funny!!


Speaking of FRIENDS episodes, here's one that cracks me up everytime:

Here's another one of my favorite shows... don't sleep on this show.. 1000 times funny!!!

The List

Have you ever seen the episode of FRIENDS where they have a list of the 5 celebrities they're allowed to sleep with if ever the opportunity comes? Well, here's a little clip of what I'm referring to if you've never seen the episode of FRIENDS. And a little side note, go cop all the seasons of FRIENDS, it's one of the best shows, EVER!!!

With that said, what 5 celebrities are on your top 5???

Here's mine:

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Since he's my number 1, I'm throwing in another pic of him..LOL
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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pinay Power

I wants...
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I may not be Japanese..

but I would rock these joints.

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These are part of Nike's Japanese city dunk pack, I just like the colors. LOL. I'll leave the specifics of a shoe and what they really mean, up to my boyfriend. He's the shoe junkie.. I just go off what I like, and these I like

Streets is talking

I don't know a lot about this cat, but Ian Reid caught my attention with this video he shot of just life on the streets through his eyes. Pretty damn dope.. i will be googling this kid for futher information.


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I fortunately stumbled on a little "hole-in-the-wall" club on my friend, Summer's, birthday back in March. When I first walked in, I felt a little out of my norm. Actually, I felt so damn out of place, but the alcohol started flowing, the music was great, and the company of my friends was even better. So it was a win-win-win situation all the way around. Ever since that night in March, GLAM has been my favorite hot spot to visit on Saturday nights. The vibe and the decor and the plain atmosphere is the best. It's not a straight club; it's not a gay club; it's not a punk club; it's not an alternative club.. it's all of them combined.

You never know who or what you'll see when you go. It reminds me something out of New York. Who knew Arizona could be as cool as NY?!!? I sure didn't.. until GLAM came into my life. The club has black and white checkered walls and a checkered dance floor that lights up. But the best thing about the club is their signature drink, called a trash can. And you can only imagine with a name like that, what actually goes in them.. I don't know for sure, but there's a TON of alcohol, some blue shit and then, a WHOLE can of redbull goes right into the pitcher. Yes, you heard me right, they use a pitcher for this drink. It is an all time favorite drink of mine.

I found out a few weeks ago, GLAM is closing its doors.. do you know how destraught I am over this? I am so sad... where will I take my dancing shoes now?? This Saturday will be the last night of GLAM, ever. RIP, GLAM.. you will truly be missed.

Now, can I have the recipe for the trash can drink?

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In the words of Perez.. Yummy Yummy Screw..

You're Welcome!!!

He is one of the finest creatures to roam the face of this earth!

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Don't you just hate car problems?!?!

Both of these movies have me W-E-A-K everytime I watch them... it's just a coincidence that both of my favorite parts in each movie, has to deal with car trouble. The second movie, is around the 5:40 mark


A friend forwarded me this commercial and said that it aired in the UK, but SOOO many people complained that they had to pull the commercial. I don't see anything wrong with it!!! Damn Bastardos!! Since they won't air it, I'll post it. Enjoy!

Katy Perry

Speaking of Katy Perry, isn't mama's style incredible? OMG, where does she shop and can I have her hand-me-downs???

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Music makes my heart smile

Ok, so anyone knows that I am a big music fan.. I love all sorts of music, but right now, don't sleep on the new Katy Perry CD or the new Kidz in the Hall cd.. both are bangers. Although, both are very much different genera's of music, both cd's don't disappoint.

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I'mmmm back!!

So its been a hot minute or five since I've updated my blog, I had gotten so busy, I neglected to update this damn thing until a co-worker started his up. Now, here I am!!