Tuesday, September 30, 2008

One Tree Hill

I am absolutely addicted to the show, One Tree Hill. I watch it every Monday! I seriously live for this show. You have to watch this clip...the bf and I kept rewinding the dvr and replaying it over and over. HILARIOUS!

Let me give you some background info real quick. The lady and kid are, mom and son. And the lady in the nurses outfit chasing them, is their crazy nanny! The older cougar at the end is the kids grandma.

Happy Birthday

Just a quick birthday shout out to some of my besties. LOL..hate that word. A special shout out to two of my favorite men: Kasey and Mattlocks! With love always! ♥

Monday, September 29, 2008

Mod Clothing

Do you want to dress like Katy Perry? Or dress vintage/retro? has everything you're looking for. Just a heads up, it's pricey. I'm a fan of their clothing, but not of their prices. I'll be sticking to my thrift stores to cop that vintage find.

Joe's Real BBQ

I took the bf to a bbq spot on Friday night. I've been there numerous times, but it was the bf's first time there. Shit is soo good. If you're ever in the East Valley, head out to Gilbert and Guadalupe to Joes Real BBQ. I promise you'll love it. Make sure to get the macaroni and's to die for. I don't eat beef or pork, however I couldn't find a pic of just the mac n cheese, so I had to post a pic with some ribs in it.

Newest Addition

My bestest friend, Jaymie, had her first child on Saturday afternoon. Her son, Kevari Jaymes Lee Harper, entered the world at 4:00pm weighing 7lbs something ounces (LOL) and measuring 19 and something inches long! She officially named me Godmother on Sunday. I am super honored and extremely delighted.

More K-pop

Last week I posted a video that I absolutely loved that came from Korea. Well, I found another one. The song isn't as catchy as the previous video I posted, but this video is funnier...well the first few seconds at least. The group is called, Lee Hyo Ri. And the song is titled, U Go Girl.

Common & Sense Man Issue #5

Maybe I can cop this magazine with Pharrell on the cover of it since I was unable to get the Complex one.

Saturday Afternoon

What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than getting a pedi and watching the Hills!?!? LOL

Pretty Shoes

These babies debuted as part of the Kira Plastinina Spring/Summer 2009 fashion collection, presented in Milan, Italy on Saturday. Don't mind the models nasty corn on her heel.


Katy Perry for sale

The doll will retail for $49.99 and is similar to the one seen in her video for Madonna-loved song Ur So Gay.
The dollmaker, New York based toy maker Integrity Toys, says it is only making 500 of these Katy dolls.

Friday, September 26, 2008

New Britney Spears! Yes!!!!

Prop 102

What is the one thing every girl should have when it comes to her clothing? Accessories of course, and a girl should never leave the house without her GAY. Lol. My bf is always laughing at all my friends and I because we have "our gays". All jokes aside, I say my gays, but my friends are more than an "accessory" to me. I love them for the people they are and their wonderful friendships. So when it comes to marriage and love, I believe they should have the same rights as straight people do. So, on November 4th make sure you vote NO on proposition 102!

Arizona Proposition 102, known by its supporters as the Marriage Protection Amendment, is a proposed amendment to the Arizona Constitution that defines marriage as between one man and one woman. It will appear on the November 4, 2008 ballot in Arizona.

State law already prohibits same-sex marriage, and Arizona courts have upheld that ban. However, ban supporters contend it also needs to be in the Constitution in order to prevent future court rulings in favor of same-sex marriage.

Arizona is the only state whose voters have rejected a same-sex marriage ban. The 2006 rejection of Proposition 107 was widely attributed to provisions interpreted to prohibit government recognition of domestic partnerships and civil unions.

To sum it all up, voting NO on Prop 102 will keep the phrase, "Marriage between a man and a woman" out of the Arizona Constitution. .

I scream, you scream!

Anyone who knows me knows I am an ice cream fanatic! I could eat ice cream morning, noon, and night if I knew I wouldn't turn into a chubmonster! The bf and I can't keep ice cream in the house longer than a day. I came across this company that caters parties with ice cream!!! It's like a dream come true for me. My next birthday party is going to be catered by this company! Dandy Don's is a catering company serving nothing but homemade ice cream with all the toppings which include over 30 different toppings. Yum-o!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Got Stripper Pole?

Stripping for exercise has been all the rage over the last few years amongst celebrities and women all over the country. I found this company, Lil Mynx, that has removable stripper poles for sale. Sweet! The regular poles start at $299 or you can get a custom colored one starting at $600

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I was watching the Emmy's Sunday night (which sucked by the way) and one of the actress from Gossip Girl walked on stage to present an award when I said out loud, "mama looks anorexic". I don't know for sure if she is, but she def needs to eat something. She looks way unhealthy!

More Dita

I previously posted a video of Dita Von Tease for her calabo with wonderbra, well here's another still shot of her. Flawless!

The gorgeous that is Dita Von Teese has just unveiled her new collection for Wonderbra.

The bra is similar to the vintage style of the '40s and '50s that Dita loves.

The collection is tilted "Wonderbra by Dita Von Teese" and also includes other pieces of lingerie such as panties, thongs, garter belts, and even suspenders.

In a statement by Von Teese, she says, "Every woman needs a little moment of beauty to have for herself. Lingerie shouldn't be something you just put on for your lover - you should do it for you."

Dita adds, "It's not about seducing men, it's about embracing womanhood. I love it when you can go about your daily business with the knowledge that you have a little secret of your own on underneath."


Thanks to the queen of all media for posting this pic. Don't you just hate when this happens?

Don't worry, I still heart you, Kim!


If you haven't seen the movie Beerfest, you're totally missing out. Here's a clip of my favorite part of the movie. Watch the gay guy when he gets the quarter away from the other guy..he says "ooohhh"...LMAO! And then, watch the same gay guy when dude starts going crazy and breaks the glass bottle over his head! Hilarious!

Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm a PC

The new Microsoft Windows TV ad has dropped... the only reason I'm posting is because my husband is in the commercial.

PS. Doesn't Eva Longoria look preggers?

My new favorite song

It's Danity Kane meets Korea. LOL... Here's a girl group that comes out of Korea. I am sooo loving this song. The video is kinda long, but if you want, skip to the 2:00 minute mark..that's where the real fun begins!

Elle Magazine

I finally coped the October issue of Elle Magazine yesterday when I went to Tijuana (aka AZ Mills). The issue with Jennifer Lopez on it. I'm sooo glad I did because not only are there tons of pictures of my girl, Jenny Lo, but also has Ms. sexiness herself, Eva Mendez! Hot!

Tom Ford

The designer that shocked everyone with his 2007 ads has went a step further for his 2008 campaign. All I can say is, WOW!
Be forewarned, these pics contain boobs, and penis!

Here's a link where you can see the rest of the pics.

Chino Bandido

The BF and I are religious watchers of the Triple D on Food Network. For those of you unfamiliar with the Triple D, it stands for: Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. Hosted by Guy Fieri. Basically, he goes around the country and finds places to eat. So when he comes to AZ, the bf and I try to make it to those locations to try the food. So far, we've been to two of the five places Guy has visited out here. The first place was to some Gelato spot. It was aiight...but yesterday, we hit up this Chinese-Mexican place called, Chino Bandido's. I enjoyed the hell out of it. I recommend the Jade Red Chicken.

Disneyland for Free???

For the 2009 year, Disneyland and Disney World are allowing guests to get in to the park FREE on their birthday. Just register online, print out the birthday voucher, and have a great birthday at Disneyland.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Miss Wax if ya nasty!

Miss Wax hit the scene just a few years ago and already has gained international notoriety that fills the void in every urbanites wardrobe. Influenced after Hip Hop Heroes, Trends and Pop Culture of the 80's, Miss Wax aims to reinvent the jewelry market. Peep some of her jewelry below. If you want to cop some of these, check her website out.

She even did a calabo with Hellz Bellz!


Speaking of Danity Kane, here's their new video for the 2nd release off their #1 selling album, Dollhouse. I just posted this because I'm addicted to watching making the band! Loves it...and Loves Dawn and Q! Speaking of Q, look closely at the Doctor in the video with Dawn...could that be Q?!!? Too Cute

oh hell nah!

I blogged about the new August/September issue of Complex magazine with my husband, Pharrell on the cover. I have been seeking this issue out for months now and have yet to find it. Every time I go to a bookstore they have hella old issues out... anyway, I just saw the new cover with Danity Kane star, Aubrey O'Day, on the cover. I swear to 6lb 8oz baby Jesus that if that cover comes out and they just bypass putting out the Pharrell cover all together, I will be calling Complex and giving them a piece of my mind!

Two of the hottest girls around

Scarlett Johansson wants you to get in the spirit of recycling your cell phones.


Playing off posters for Johansson's upcoming comic-book thriller The Spirit, the Environmental Media Association and Lionsgate studio have created PSAs encouraging folks to recycle their used cell phones. The ads feature one of the movie's taglines, "Answer the call!"

The magazine ads—first appearing in People on Friday—will also include Johansson's costar Eva Mendes.

EMA's goal is to lower the amount of carbon dioxide emissions created by the production of new phones.