Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Brit Brit

It's an alright video, but what I did notice was that sparkle in her eye that has been missing for quite some time. She looks great


It's no surprise that I once loved NBA star, Shawn Marion, especially when he played for the Suns and I would see him out at the clubs all the time. Every time I would see him I would get all types of excited like a little school girl. When he got traded I was devastated. I ran across this pic of him from last night's game and all I can say is "Shawn, you do NOT look good bald, homie!"

The Bechams

Even though my beloved Lakers lost last night against the Mavs, Posh looked FIERCE! Her outfit is simple but she rocks it like no other. Oh and her husband isn't bad to look out either. LOL.

Video of the Week

The choreography in Beyonce's latest video for single, Sweet Dreams, is a little more simplistic than that of Single Ladies or Diva, but she still gets down nonetheless. LOVE her dancing skills. She is so sexy and Jay is one lucky bastard

Happy Halloween

I dressed up as Wednesday Addams for Halloween. What were you?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kiss The Ring

The Lakers season opener was last night and although they did beat the Clippers, that is besides the point, they were presented with their 2009 championship rings!

Here are some of the ring’s details:

The gold is of limited edition 15 karat variety to represent the 15th championship earned by the organization.

Per the request of Dr. Buss, there are 14 diamonds surrounding the top of the ring symbolizing the previous 14 franchise championships, with the Larry O’Brien trophy in the middle to represent the 2008-09 title.

On the inside of a Player ring rests an etching of their respective jersey number. In addition, as requested by Fisher and Bryant, there is a player image on the side of player rings.

The Los Angeles skyline is an element unique to non-player rings in place of the player’s image.

The ring is two toned, with white gold representing the Lakers Sunday whites uniforms that honor legendary broadcaster Chick Hearn.

Each ring is authenticated by a serial number, and to further protect the authenticity, there are hidden etchings of the Lakers logo.

Kupchak contributed the idea to include the varying records of every individual playoff series on the side of the ring, which was done in addition to having the season record to capture the journey of the entire season.

They also showed off their new warm-up outfits with each star representing the number of championships the franchise has. 15 bitches! Beat that Suns!

Oh and Kobe says Kiss the Ring, Laker Haters!

And of course Mrs. Lamar Odom had to be in attendance to support her man

And last but not least, Get em Kobe!!!

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's Showtime

The NBA season is back starting tonight and none other than my Lakers will be playing. I've been waiting all season for you Lakers. Woohooo

Dearly Departed x High Point

I've been slackin on posts lately because well I work and go to school. Shit between classes and homework, I don't have time any more.... Anyway, my bf and his partner Slim over at Dearly Departed
have teamed up with High Point to bring you this fuckin rad hat. Get yours soon because these are going extremely fast!!!

Also available are these logo hats from Dearly Departed.

Hello Drama x Fresh Fiends

The lovely Fresh Fiend ladies have teamed up with Hello Drama to bring you this fabulous piece of hotness.

I'm a HUGE Laker Fan, but NO THANKS

Really Adidas???? Adidas Originals will be releasing a special edition Laker sneakers on November 1st in select retail locations as well as online to celebrate their 15th NBA Championship win.

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

What Are You Gonna Be For Halloween??!

Halloween is right around the corner...have you gotten your costume? I found my costume in my closet. I'm all about trying to spend as little money as possible on a costume I plan on only wearing once. Here's a hint of what I am going to be.

Knee Warmers??

Consider yourselves warned. As sported at Vanessa Bruno – Spring/ Summer 2010. It's an interesting twist on fashion, but shoot why not, right? I mean we've seen leg warmers, arm warmers, even the fingerless glove.... I think I'm all for this, especially since this will hide peoples knees...we all know I hate the look of knees LOL. I may be rocking this look tonight!

London Fog

Who knew NBA star Tony Parker, aka Mr. Longoria, knew how to model. Looks like wifey, Eva Longoria, gave him a few pointers. Not even mad at him, he actually looks pretty hot in these photos for London Fog.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Vintage Madonna

This is from a magazine called Madonna's style. I so wanted to be her.

I Want...

Click here for more info

Friday, October 9, 2009

Marge Simpson to Pose Nude????

For the 20th anniversary of The Simpson's TV show our favorite blue-haired beauty is going to be on the cover of Playboy. Ha. That's gangsta. Wonder if she'll be showing her tata's or blue cooter hair. HAHA

The Thing I Hate Most on People is...

KNEES! I know they're a necessity and I'm thankful for mine, but I think they are so damn ugly!!!!! No offense to any of these women in the pics because they're all gorgeous, but look at their knees.....UGGO!

Hart & Huntington

Mr. and Mrs. Hart model Carey's new clothing line Hart & Huntington. It's not the greatest clothes, but the pics are dope nonetheless.

Photos courtesy of Coco Perez

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Old School Video of the Week

This is sooo the late 90's early 2000's... There's a feeling I get when I hear these old songs that only people my age can understand. This is when hip hop was good and r&B was just dope.

Penelope is that you???

Nope, it's her sister Monica Cruz in the new issue of Elle Spain. Wow, they look so much alike!

Lady Gaga on SNL

So last night Ms. Lady Gaga was on SNL and the one and only Madonna made a guest appearance on one of the skits. Too funny. I wasn't a huge Lady Gaga fan when she first came out, but more and more, she's really starting to impress me. She takes risks and they sure pay off. I'm still freaked out tho by the one red, blood looking outfit she wore at the VMA's... I still have nightmares.


Here's her first performance

And her second performance...she is pretty funny