Friday, July 11, 2008


The BF and I were watching 106 & Park this past weekend and they featured a new Fat Joe song. My bf says that Joe's underrated and what-not, but to me, in the words of Diddy, Fat Joe has major BITCHASSNESS! My disgust and overall dislike of Fat Joe stems from one episode of Nick Cannon's MTV show, Wild n Out. Now, I know all of you have seen an episode or two of this show, and you know the jist...especially the last round where they just freestyle insults to one another. Shit is hilarious and it's all in fun and games. Shit Wayne Brady went on there and got his ass handed to him by everyone. But he just laughed it off. Well here comes the big NY rapper and bitches out during the freestyle round. But whats so funny is that he tries to be so hood about it. You're not hood Fat Joe, you're more of a bitch than anything!!! Needless to say, I think he's a punk bitch and lost all respect of him.

The scene I'm referring to is around the 33 second mark.

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