Monday, October 8, 2007

Rock of SUCK!!!!

Don't get me wrong, I loved watching VH1's Rock of Love just as much as I loved watching Flavor of Love, and I love New York, the only thing that differs amongt the 3, is the reunion show. Rock of loves Reunion show sucked balls. I was bored out of my damn mind. When the show first started, the camera zoomed in on all the girls that were there, but why didn't I know who half of them were? Were they even on the show? Lol. Oh, and who the hell was the host? He needs to NOT ever be on another friggin show again. His lame ass "jokes" were embarrassing. GET A NEW JOB FUCKTARD!

The damn blonde bimbos's, Brandi C. and Krista made me want to kill myself. I had to fast forward through that nonsense. The damn baby talk from Brandi C. is exhausting to listen to. My ears were bleeding!

And Dallas FINALLY had her turn to confront Lacey. If you can all remember, Lacey was trying to get Dallas to lose her cool and hit her (if anyone hits another person on the show, they automatically get sent home)... The bitch Lacey kept poking at Dallas. Putting her finger in her face. And just out right being disrespectful. Instead of beating the living crap out of Lacey (that's what I would have done), she just sat there and "tried" to ignore Lacey! Boooooo, we want Pumkin!!!!!!

Of course they brought Rodeo, Brandi M, and Sam down to talk, but it was blah too (even though I love me some Brandi M).

And then, they brought out Heather (can I just tell you, her hair looked great. None of this rats nest from the 80's hairdo. It was actually normal, flat ironed straight), the poor girl is really in love with Bret. They both talked and said they would remain friends, but after Jess came out to tell Bret he made the wrong choice, I'm sure he'll be bumpin uglies with Heather real soon.

It was hella cool of Jess, she said, "Heather, you wear your heart on your sleeve, and you really do love Bret." She then looked at Bret and told him, you made the wrong choice. After watching the show, I realized, you should have picked Heather". Oh snap! I think she's right though, he and Heather work! So, lets all take a moment of silence for the split between Jess and Bret! Ok, that's enough mourning! Bring on Season 2!!!!

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