Thursday, October 25, 2007

Back in the day...

So the boyfriend and I were up around midnight the other night (no, not making out), and we couldn't stop laughing and remembering our youth. We sat there giggling like we were kids, talking about everything that put smiles on our faces when we were youngins...

Like the pop-a-point pencils. Remember those?

Fun dip... Ugh, I hated the stick though. So gross!

Smell good erasers.

Growing up in Cali, they always had book fairs right around the holidays. And they always had homemade stuff, like pencils with a red nose and antlers.. or stickers, etc. I remember I would always buy my moms present there. Hahaha! The craft fair would usually be in one of the mobile classrooms.

Or do you remember those scholastic books forms? Where you can order all kinds of books, stickers, madlibs, etc?

I remember when I was in kindergarten, and we had recess, they had a tricycle "raceway" with stop signs and lights. I remember always racing everyone so I could be the first person to ride the tricycle.

Oh oh oh, remember Garbage Pail Kids!

Do you remember track and field day?

Or the turkey trot.

Playing redrover, kickball, dodgeball, and four square.

What about You Can't do that on Television... and getting slimmed when you said "I don't know"

Highlighter magazines!
Scented Markers

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