Thursday, October 18, 2007

Just like Vibe Magazines top 20, this is mine...

1. I'm all for a little slang here and there. Albeit, I use it quite frequently, I'll occasionally drop the letter g from the end of a word to make it a little more poppin'! But hot damn to the fools who write like they've never attended a school in their lifetime. I'm so tired of seeing comments on people’s pages that say, "wuts gud wit u?" or "Kewl dawg". Ugh. I'm so over it. And most of this is coming from grown ass adults, which should know better. Aren't you embarrassed? Actually, most of the people that do this are quite intelligent, so I don't understand why they want to lower themselves!

2. And seriously, who said sunglasses at night or in the club was cool? It's not cool. It's more like, EMBARRASSING!

3. Does anyone really care about Akon?

4. Does anyone really care about T-Pain?

5. What happened to Heavy D?

6. Why is VH1 more hip-hop than MTV and BET?

7. Speaking of VH1, did ya'll catch the Hip Hop Honors this year? Was Busta not the shit? I thought he was gonna come out the TV, rarr rarr like a dungeon dragon!

8. When is VH1 going to honor Jay?

9. How dope would it be if Nas did all Jay songs?

10. Does anyone else want Derwin and Melanie back together on the game?

11. Is anyone besides me over their sidekick?

12. Does anyone else mix up Barack Obama with Barack Osama? Oh, it's just me?!

13. How funny are the Sonic commercials with ol' boy??

14. When people are on blogs asking a question, make sure you know wtf you're talking about! Like, there was an Entourage discussion going on (I wasn't trying to discuss entourage, I was researching a shirt) and there was a shirt that Turtle was wearing of Jay-Z, everyone in the discussion was asking where they could cop that Kanye shirt. Or that biggie shirt! Son of a bitch, don't ask where you can get it, if you don't even know who was on it!

15. Is anyone else tired of hearing about racism? I thought we lived in the UNITED states!

16. Filipinos have been around for many, many years now, why is it people are just now discovering us?

17. Did everyone catch the Filipino prisoners dancing to Michael Jacksons Thriller? Did ya'll catch they were all rockin' flip flops? Muahh!

18. Is everyone over my Sweet Sixteen like I am?!

19. Shouldn't Ja Rule and DMX should just give up hip hop?

20. Bobby Brown is attempting to do Country Music!

Ok, the last question wasn't necessarily a question, but shit is just funny!


alicia said...

Hellz yeah I'm over my sidekick! Expensive ass piece of shit!! I'm all pissed off!

hoody 2 shoes said...

lmao at number 14.

sean said...

that Entourage shirt is not JayZ. do more reserch and you will discover the TRUE identity