Tuesday, November 16, 2010

DMX Goes At Jay-Z

DMX went in on Jay-Z at a Scottsdale Arizona concert.
“Y-O, Y-O in this b*tch, n*gga,” DMX told a crowd of Arizona fans. “New York to AZ, New York to AZ, n*ggas must be crazy, f*ck Jay-Z! Ya heard? Ya heard? … What do y’all think is the state of the rap industry right now? I mean, you know, I’m an artist so I kind of have bias views but I think most these n*ggas suck! I think they not only suck, but they suck d*ck! I mean, correct me if I’m wrong, we’re real people. Most of us got jobs — but you got these n*ggas talking about Bentleys, mansions and pool parties, we don’t rock that sh*t son! So my take on it is, you got Patron in your cup? Good for you! You got a b*tch that wanna f*ck? Good for you! You sittin’ on 24′s? Good for you! You got Lamborghini doors? Good for you! Because at the end of the day? I ain’t got that sh*t…”
Man, I can't stop laughing! Don't get me wrong, X was dope back in his day and he might still be, but don't come at Jay and be mad at him for having money when your ass smoked all yours away! And I love how everyone comes at Jay hoping to resurrect their career... First Hammer, now X.. it's pretty sad if you ask me! 

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