Monday, November 17, 2008

Red and Meth

Redman and Method Man graced Arizona with their presence Friday night at the Marquee Theater. Let me be the first to say the show was pretty WACK! Was none too thrilled with their performance. I have seen both Red and Meth together in concert and separately and each of those past times I was never disappointed, until last Friday's show. It seemed awkward and put together so fast. It was more of an open mic night than it was a concert. Red and Meth brought all of their "brothers" with them and let them do a few songs each. Bor-Ing! I was there to see Red and Meth not some show and tell ninja! Boo! Thankfully we got our tix from a friend because I would have demanded my money back. Good lookin out on the tix Eric! Always fun to hang out with you and Summertime! That was the highlight of my night.


miss.summer said...

you forgot to say how old they look

miss.summer said...

omg that was mean. I still love them. and I look old too haha

1st Lady of Fantastic said...

They did look old! All that damn weed! And shut up, you don't look old!