Friday, July 22, 2011

Baby On Board

Some of you have hit me up saying I've been M.I.A lately and well I have a good excuse! I'm pregnant with my first child. I am beyond excites, thrilled, blessed, and very very much scared. Now that I am out of my first trimester I should be able to post more often..... if I can stop being lazy. LOL. I know a few of  you have kids, any advice? 


Miss Tapia said...


A few words of advice:

Enjoy your sleep. Seriously,take advantage of random naps and sleeping in.

Keep taking prenatals!

Take the belly pics,write down your feelings,symptoms,the day you feel the first kick,etc. It feels good to look back on it while your baby is laying next to you. Its amazing!

Stock up on pampers and wipes!! Babies are poop machines.haha.

I can go on and on but the most important thing is,just enjoy it. Pregnancy is the greatest thing in the world and once you see your baby,you'll know all the waddling,cravings and stretch marks were worth it.Congratulations once again!!

Forever Fantastic said...

Awww thank you so much. Those are all great advice. I wanted to start getting wipes and diapers with every paycheck...start stocking up like you said.

I don't know how pregnant people sleep. I toss and turn, can never find a comfortable spot and once I finally fall asleep, I wake up like an hour later to pee. I'm always peeing. LOL.

I want to start a baby book so I can eventually give it to him or her with all my pregnancy information.

Thank you again! :)

Miss Tapia said...

Good idea,We went through a box a week! Insane!

Girl...wait till you get bigger! I would sleep sitting up! I was so damn uncomfortable! Have you gotten a body pillow? Mine helped me sleep a little. I peed on myself a few times (just a little) so wear panty

Another thing,if people are all of a sudden doing this and that for you,let them. There's something about a pregnant women that makes people really friendly. I couldn't even bring the groceries in because they said they were too heavy for me. I had family members cleaning my house too. lol. So let them pamper you!

Yes,I have one for my daughter and so far I have papers that I wrote on when I first felt her kick (I was on a plane),her baby shower invites,ultrasound pics..all that stuff. My boyfriend was given his baby book on his 25th birthday,its crazy seeing how much our baby looks like him.

Forever Fantastic said...

I did get a body pillow, it helps a little but I still wake up like 5 times a night. Ugh...I guess I'm getting prepared for all those night feedings. LOL.

People are starting to do things for me and I have to admit, it's a little weird. People get me water and pick up things for me at work...I'm like I'm not helpless people, but honestly, it is a little nice. I guess I should stop fighting them and enjoy the pampering.

I want to do that too, give the baby book to him or her when they're 25 or somewhere around there... I wish my parents would have given me a baby book.

Eeeek, I'm getting so excited!

Miss Tapia said...

I'm telling you,wait till you get bigger. It's gonna be so much harder to sleep. But you know what,I loved being pregnant. I felt so..motherly. Like okay baby,I'll put up with this..for YOU!

Yeah at first I was like,come on man,leave me alone. But I realized they just wanted to help me so I let them.

I take a bajillion pictures of Zoe because my Mom doesn't have ONE baby picture of me. Can you believe it? I don't know what I looked like as a baby. I could of have 3 legs for all I

I'm excited for you!Congrats again!