Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wide Leg Jeans

I'm a little bummed, I went on a mini shopping spree this past week and I purchased some new wide leg jeans. When I tried them on in the store, they were long, but I thought, when I wear heels they'll look fine. WRONG! Even with heels they're way too long, so I had to take them back. I'm going again tomorrow to look for some. Hopefully I can find some for my short ass. Wish me luck!

I am loving these looks....yep, I will be trying to emulate a few of these. LOL. Ain't no shame in my game.

I love how foxy can just be chill and look so adorable! 

Love this ensemble 

This whole outfit right here is super adorbs. Total 70's to me. 

I'm loving Audrina's tucked in look and Alba's on the go look is cute too. 


Miss Tapia said...

That's how most regular sized pants look on me when I try them on,haha. Good thing there's Charlotte Russe,who has size "short" there. I'm 4'11 =)

Forever Fantastic said...

Damn 4'11??? Yeah you're way shorter than I am. LOL... I found some pants today. YAY!

Miss.Summer said...

This is my fave look ever. I saved a pair from a few years back from Forever 21. I have some Hudson ones but like a dum dum I had them hemmed and now they're too short. :(

Forever Fantastic said...

Sum, I saved a pair from a few years back, but I lost all that weight so they may be way too big. Boo for being too big, but yay for weight loss. lol