Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More ELF...I'm Addicted

E.L.F Cosmetics had a Valentines sale where a majority of their products were half off their already cheap prices so I couldn't pass this up.  I didn't want to dig for it all, so I only put a few items in the pic.

I got 2 new blushes, 2 eye shadows, 2 cream eye shadows, 2 lip glosses, fake eyelashes, nail polish remover pads, along with some other things that I can't think of. LOL. Heart it all!


Miss Tapia said...

How is the cream liner? I was thinking of ordering more products. Have you tried their lipsticks?

Forever Fantastic said...

I'm not too much of a fan of their cream liner...I still like Maybeline's over ELF's, but I used the cream shadow the other day under matte eye shadow and loved it! I have used their mineral lip stick and I am in love. I bought pouty petal and runaway pink. Runaway pinks looks exactly like MAC's "Angel" lipstick!

miss D said...

what color is that dark green one? it looks super pretty! nice haul! :)

Check out my site, I'll be your personal shopper! ;)

Forever Fantastic said...

It's actually a really dark brown called coffee bean. I heart it :)

Anonymous said...

The two on the bottom look just like Nars colors. LOVE the one on the right!!!