Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Miss The Old Brit Brit

I will forever love me some Britney Spears no matter what, but I just watched her new video, "Hold It Against Me" on MTV and although she's doing better than she was a few years ago, she's still not the same Brit that I fell in love with. I used to be so envious of her sexuality and her dance moves, but now she's still missing something. She still has this blankness behind her eyes. Here's two of my fav Brit videos... I just love how she OWNS it!


Miss Tapia said...

I'm a slave for you...oooooh! Yeah,Britney used to rock. I think everything that's happened to her and how she says she's lonely is getting to her. I still gonna like her...unless she shaves her hair again.

Forever Fantastic said...

I heart her and hope she figures out what makes her truly happy. Money does NOT always make things better :(