Monday, October 25, 2010

Hula's Modern Tiki

Another must to visit is Hula's Modern Tiki in downtown Phoenix which recently opened. It's very hipster-ish and something that you would never thought of Phoenix having, however it's very much welcomed. I went on Sunday with the bf and some friends and we sat outside for brunch in the beautiful, Fall weather. I kept an eye on all the patrons of the place, some cruising up on there beach cruisers (or just bicycles as they're called out here since we don't have a beach. Boo) and trendy hats and sneakers. I had the Kona coffee battered french toast and it was heaven. I want to go back one night for their dinner menu.


Tony for Hula's Modern Tiki said...

Thsnks for the post about Hula's Modern Tiki! Indeed, the french toast is rockin'. When you come back, try Poke if you like fish or our pork sandwich.. definite crowd pleasers!

Hope to see you at Freaky Tiki on Sunday!


Forever Fantastic said...

Thanks Tony for bringing this fab place to Phoenix!