Monday, May 3, 2010

How To Wear The Same Dress For An Entire Year

"What should I wear?" Or "I have nothing to wear in my closet" as you stare at rows and rows of clothes even some of them unworn have come out of all our mouths at one time or another. 

Sheena Matheiken has taken away the guess work for the above questions. For one year, the New Yorker by way of India, pledged to wear the same little black dress - Every. Single. Day- as part of The Uniform Project. It's served as a way to raise awareness of The Akanksha Foundation, a grassroots nonprofit that brings education to children living in Indian slums. So far, Matheikens efforts have raised nearly $77,000 - enough to send over $200 kids to school. 

How'd she wear the dress for 365 days without getting bored? By accessorizing of course! Check out the slide show below. I think I'm gonna go out and buy a little black dress of my own. Am loving the outfits, not to mention the whole reasoning behind it. 

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