Monday, May 31, 2010

Bring On Boston

I've had one helluva season defending my Lakers against all the Suns fans at work. There has been wars, yelling matches, and bets on whose team was the end, my team reigned supreme - Go Lakers. And although I want to talk so much shit and rub it in every Suns fans faces, the Lakers did all the talking for me. Even with Steve Nash crying after the loss, I wanted to blast him for the water-works, but I actually felt for the dude. I'm not blind, I could see how hard and determined he played and how tough the Suns are. All I can say is you guys played a great season, Suns. But all in all, I'm not sad one bit that Lakers made it!!! Way to go, Lakers. Heart you boys. Lets bring on Boston!!!! Purple & Gold por vida!!!

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