Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Thoughts Go Out To All Those Affected

I can't do a post about clothes or makeup while the people in Japan are dealing with so much hurt and sadness; it doesn't seem fitting. Instead, my heart goes out to all those affected by this terrible tragedy. For those that can, you can donate with the red cross or by texting REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

Lady Gaga is turing to her "little monsters" to help raise funds for Japanese earthquake and tsunami relief. The pop singer is selling newly created bracelets that say "Pray for Japan" in English and Japanese characters. Gaga's website is selling the bracelets for $5 each with the promise that "all proceeds go directly to Japan relief efforts." Additional donations may be added to the cost of the item as well.


Dinorah ♥ said...

I'm blogging about this also. I've also found it hard to bring myself to even think about anything else these past two days. It's so incredibly sad.

Forever Fantastic said...

That's how I feel... how can I write about new clothes when all these people are suffering. So so sad

ilovefashion said...

I feel so sorry for the people in Japan, we all really need to pray for Japan and the world.

Nice blog btw (:
follow me back if you wish

dicle said...

i proud of ur behaviour..