Saturday, January 22, 2011

Life Unexpectedly Cancelled

I don't know about you, but I am a TVaholic. Seriously, can't get enough. I am ALWAYS finding new shows to DVR and get addicted to. The bf is always talking shit because when he comes home, he finds my in my pj's, in bed, watching TV, no matter what time of day. Don't get me wrong, I work, go to school, make time for friends, family, and activities, but for real, my hobby is TV watching. LOL. And when shows I absolutely love gets cancelled, I feel like a little piece of me dies with it. I mean, I put so much time into these shows, and when they unexpectedly get cancelled, it's even worse. Take for instance, CW's Life Unexpected show... there were rumors it would get cancelled, but there was no final announcement until I watched this weeks episode. The ending says it all. If you watch this show, let me know, I need someone to cry with! R.I.P Life Unexpected, you will be missed!

Oh and on a side note, really CW, you cancelled this show, but you're keeping Nakita?! Wack. No offense to you Nakita fans. Ha.

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