Saturday, January 22, 2011

Can You Spot The Real From The Fake?

I decided to write this post after my girl was all excited and told me she purchased MAC lip gloss and eye shadow at the Swap Meet for only $5; now, I love her to death but I almost pissed myself from laughing so hard at her. Who in their right mind thinks that MAC would ever be sold at a swap meet and be true MAC makeup?! But then again, I'm not here to point and laugh at her (well maybe a little) because I remember a few times I bought fake stuff. 

I'm not on here to tell you how to spot fake make-up. We all know where MAC is sold and for how much; if you find it at the swap meet for $5, it's fake. Enough said. I want to know, what fake product(s) have you  purchased before; whether you knew they were fake or not. I want to hear your embarrassing stories. I'll go first:

I was maybe 18 or 19 and I went to NY for my first time; I purchased a Prada and Gucci purse, I think for a total of $20...yep, and I sported those bags like they were the real things. There wasn't no shame in my game back then. 

My second fake purchase was a Movado watch. I wanna say I got that in NY too, or maybe Rocky Point, either way, that sucker was fake. I had this BF back then and I remember I went out to visit him in some state (he played college ball, so he moved away) and I was at his house and he picked up my watch and was like "this watch is fake!" It wasn't the way he really said it, but the look of disgust on his face that I wanted to die from embarrassment. Not only was he calling me out on my watch, but as he was doing so, he was rocking a real one on his wrist. Wonder if that's why he and I broke up. LOL. 

My next fake purchase when I was around 23, it was when those Louis Vuitton "Cherry Blossom" bags came out. My girl went on ebay and snatched us up two. I rocked that bitch for about a month and finally had to put it away because I just couldn't be that girl rockin a fake bag. Well any longer. LOL. A month was long enough. 

Last but not least, it was when my current bf and I started dating I wanted to get him some dope BBC Ice Cream shoes, and when I won the auction on ebay I was soo ecstatic until they came in the mail and I opened the package and saw how fake looking the shoes were. The damn diamonds didn't even look like diamonds. Lets just say, I never bought anything fake again. I now only purchase shoes/clothes/makeup from the websites themselves, or in stores that I KNOW for a fact is legit! 


Miss Tapia said...

WOW. Never took you for a girl who rocked the fake accessories.haha. Kidding. I've never bought anything fake because I'm not too into high end stuff,be it shoes,makeup or jewelry. I think had I been,I would have a list waaaaay longer than yours.

on a side note,I wish I could find fake MAC makeup. Then I would show off to my friends that are as clueless as I am. haha!

Forever Fantastic said...

Yeah, I am ashamed of myself. LMAO. Now days though, I don't have any eagerness to want anything "fancy" such as Louis Vuitton or what-have-you. I am absolutely fine with shopping at Forever 21 in their clearance section. Hee hee.

Anonymous said...

I still can't tell the difference between a fake and real Louis. The knock offs look legit!

Forever Fantastic said...

They sure do, Sum! The only way I know they're fake are when you get them for $50... LOL...