Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Fav Eyeliner

I was strolling the isle of Target when I spotted some eyeliner from Maybelline; I thought it's only $7, why not?! I used it this whole week and I am absolutely in LOVE! Love it more than the MAC Fluidline.

The gel formula is richly pigmented and hold more color than the traditional liquid liner. It glides on beautifully, unlike the pencil counterpart that I swear pulls the crap out of my eyelid! The brush (which is included) is thin tipped but gathers generous amounts of gel liner. Available in four shades: Blackest Black, Brown Charcoal, and Eggplant.


TiffanyMonet said...

I have it in Eggplant! =)

Make sure you enter my Giveaway!!
Xo T

Mab said...

I went out and bought it in Blackest black....AMAZING!

Forever Fantastic said...

Right Mab??!? I am in LOVE with it!

And Material Girl, I entered...woop!