Friday, September 24, 2010

Milk Munny

I'm lazy today, so this is straight from the Dearly Departed website! I'm allowed to steal from them...the co-owner is my boyfriend. LOL

"Come join us Friday, October 1st as we kick off Breast Cancer Awareness Month with Milk Munny: A Vinyl Toy Exhibit. Featuring the works of renowned artists (including AZ legends Dumper Foo, Alyisse Tramel, and Joshua Rhodes), the showcase also boasts a Munny designed by the staff of LA’s High Voltage Tattoo. Proceeds from each toy sold will benefit The Keep A Breast Foundation, an organization that is well known for promoting awareness through art events. With sounds by the illustrious DJ M2, the exhibit takes place at Downtown Phoenix’s Monorchid Gallery. For more information on the event, visit"

**Update** - the above paragraph may have been written by a friend over at Fresh Fiends...LOL... either or, just get your asses to the exhibit! 

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