Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Not So Fresh and So Clean

I have been debating if I should write this post or not. It's definitely not for the faint of hearts, however I think it's absolutely necessary. Let me begin by saying, if you don't want to get disgusted, stop reading immediately.

I warned you... since you're continuing to read, don't be mad at me if you're grossed out for the rest of the day. First let me begin by saying I'm normally all for my women and love to stick up for them and have their backs, etc. But today, ladies, I am calling you out! Fella's you may be called out at a later date, but today this is for the ladies.

As I said, I was debating on if I should even post this, but after today, I knew it had to be done, especially since it happens at LEAST 3 times a week; I will walk into the ladies restroom at work, and it always smells in there....and no, I'm not referring to poop, but more like dirty vag! Especially period vag (yes, insert gag here).  I know exactly what it's like to have your period every single month, however there is NO excuse for your cooter to smell. I realize blood is gushing out of your vagina but I shouldn't be able to smell it and tell that you're on your rag.

This is NO joke, I used to work with a girl (we won't say any names) and I could honestly smell when she was on her period...and don't get me started on the days she decided to wear skirts! At my new place of business (again, no names will be mentioned) I will walk into the bathroom and I can smell the scent of used fuck, I have to deal with this shit every month as well, but I sure as hell won't allow my cooter to stink!

I do NOT want to hear any type of excuses, you should know better. I mean damn, you have your period every month (minus those "oops" months) since you were what, 14? All I'm saying, is handle that. I shouldn't have to walk in and smell your cooter. Gag!

Here are a few things that will help in that area:

First and foremost, just wash down there when showering. Summer's Eve has a feminine wash that helps with bacteria and smells...use it! I promise, it will be your best friend.

Every time you change your tampon or pad, wipe your cooter with one of these handy individually wrapped, easy to throw in your purse so you always have one with you, Summer's Eve wipes.

If you don't have Summer's Eve wipes, any wipe will do.... Like the Charmin Wipes, or even a baby wipe will work! Just use whatever you need to use to get the job done! It will help freshen you up.

They also make these things called panty liners, change them as often as necessary. They will help catch any blood that may fall from your tampon and instead of falling onto your panties, they will go onto this panty liner and you can change it...seriously, try it. Please.

Last and definitely not least, use soap. I love the Caress Tahitian Renewal but please use whatever kind you like, just use it!!!

Lastly, try spraying some of your perfume on the outside of your jeans or skirt.... it will help

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