Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me... LOL

So yesterday was my 31st birthday.....eeeeeeek! I can NOT believe I'm 31. It's scary, yet I'm actually looking forward to the next chapters in my life. My twenties were great, but I have a feeling my 30's will be better. The boyfriend did real good. At midnight on my actual birthday, he walked into the bedroom with a cake, champagne, strawberries and my present. Which was a ring!!!! Don't go getting all excited, it wasn't an engagement ring, but definitely a step in that direction. The next morning, he made me breakfast (scrambled eggs w/ cheese, hashbrowns, turkey sausage, toast, and mimosas...mmm) and he had fresh flowers in a vase on the table. He also got me a vintage Gucci watch. I'm not trying to "show off" all my gifts (well maybe a little), but I'm more so showing off my boyfriend and how even though at times he seems grouchy, he's the best boyfriend, EVER! I love you baby love!

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