Monday, August 24, 2009

Benefits Introduces new Fragrance Line

The Crescent Row fragrances are based on a fashionable strip of flats in Bath, England, which serve as home to several imaginary gals. Their lives are filled with laughter, gossip, and seduction; and each scent, bottle, artwork, and name was created to reflect the fascinating protagonists:

Gina has a "flaunt it if you've got it!" attitude that is seductively provocative. Her scent is an alluring affair of pink pepper and wild raspberry—resulting in a woody-oriental scent that is enticing and smoldering.

LeeLee has a playful femininity that is naturally sexy. Her scent is a light blend of citrus, jasmine, lily blossoms, blonde wood, and amber—resulting in a soft-floral scent that is refreshing and feminine.

Sofia is a free spirit that has flair and a distinctly individual style. Her scent contains oriental blossoms, mango, and fresh vanilla—resulting in an oriental-floral scent that is fresh and original.

Discover the scent that strikes a chord—and then come back to collect the others!

I just got the Laugh with me Lee Lee one... MMMMM


Miss.Summer said...

ooooh I want gina or sofia

1st Lady of Fantastic said...

I think I'm gonna go back this weekend and get Sofia!