Friday, July 3, 2009

Loves Baby Soft

This perfume is such an oldie but goodie. I was sitting here thinking of my childhood and I remembered my mom ALWAYS bought me Loves Baby Soft Perfume every Christmas. And even though I knew I was going to get it, every Christmas I would be so excited to look in my stocking and see my box of perfume in it. I felt so grown-up and so pretty every time I sprayed some on me. My mom has been long gone for many years, so the perfume stopped showing up in my stockings at Christmas, and then had the idea, why not purchase it for myself?? So, I searched all over today trying to find somewhere that sold it. I know I've seen it a time or two at Wal-Mart, Target, etc. But today I couldn't find it anywhere. But thanks to Amazon, I just ordered some; should be here in a few days. Woohoo. I just hope it still smells good. LOL.


Miss.Summer said...

haha i loved this stuff!! we had a set that came with all the other scents like fresh rain and one smelled like lemons. ahhh memories!!

1st Lady of Fantastic said...

I don't remember the fresh rain or lemon one... I do remember the musk one though.