Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Step on my shoes, I will kill you!

I don't wear sneakers very often...I'm more of a flip flop kinda girl and when I go out, I'll rock some heels. However having a sneaker fiend as a bf, I've been buying a few sneakers here and there....actually, the bf has bought me the shoes. LOL. Well I decided to rock the Halloween dunks (it is the season), and this drunk broad stepped on the I realize it may have been my fault for wearing brand new sneakers to the club, but that didn't stop me from almost giving the girl a beat down. LOL.

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Miss.Summer said...

I still won't understand that mentality. Yes, some sneakers are very pretty and VERY expensive. HOWEVER, if you aren't prepared for life to happen, don't wear them in the first place. Don't turn into a sneaker snob miss Sarrah. I will disown your ass. Hehe. I love you. And I love your pumpkin dunks. xo