Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hello Kitty?!?

World meet Kitty!

He's a stray kitten that was left behind a few years ago to fend for himself. But don't fret, a neighbor and I take it upon ourselves to feed and watch out for the cat. I call him, Kitty. LOL. It's so fitting don't ya think!? Kitty is a dope cat, when I come home from work, Kitty hauls ass past me to my front door and proceeds to do some weird cat tricks. LOL. Like doing some flips and rolls around in the rocks. And for his efforts of making me laugh, I find something in my fridge for him to eat. LOL. The bf says he doesn't like the cat because Kitty always sleeps on Rooks car (haha), but I think Rook has taken a liking to him!

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