Friday, June 27, 2008

Kobe is gettin' it from every angle

This week had to be a tough week for Kobe. First, Shaq raps about Kobe at an NYC nightclub that made front page news and had David Stern berating Shaq for his behavior. And on the heels of all the shaq and kobe controversy, comes a shirt by Bodega; this shirt has to hurt. LOL. It's pretty self explanatory, with the words "no means no", and a picture of Paul Pierce blocking a shot by Kobe. That is painful to see. Ha. But to me, is there some sort of hidden message underneath the words no means no?? Could they be taking a stab at the whole sexual assault ordeal?? If so, that's fucked up, but hella clever. I'm just pissed at myself for thinking the shirt is dope!!

Long live the Lakers!!!

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