Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Playboy has some explaining to do...

It's no surprise that I think Kim Kardashian is a gorgeous woman. So naturally I was looking forward to the December Playboy issue, with Kim on the cover. I've already seen the sex tape (with scary ass Ray J looking all creepy in it), so the playboy shoot would be nothing in comparison. Now I'm addicted to the E Channels, The Girls Next Door which follows Hugh Hefner and his girlfriends around. And for the past three years, I've watched as Hugh works his playboy magic when it comes to putting an issue out. He is very meticulous in his work and he looks at everything under a microscope. Which of course has contributed to his success. With that, I ask you, what the hell was Hugh and the rest of the playboy staff thinking when they released the December issue with Kim on it? Shit is horendous. The cover is mediocre, and that's actually the best part of the magazine. Her photo spread inside the mag looks all fuzzy and unprofessionaly done. Going back to the Girls Next Door show, I've witnessed Holly being on the set of the photo shoots and helping the girls out as well as putting her opions in on how to make the shoot better. And every shoot she's done, has come out great. So where was Holly? I know she was there. Not only is Hugh slippin, but Holly is as well. Kim looked horrible in the pics and I didn't think that was possible. Instead of Kim having "bedroom" eyes, the girl looked cross-eyed! In one of the pics, you can see her goosebumps and peach fuzz on her bumm! Don't they have photo editors to take that out? If they can make Britney Spears look half decent on her album cover, than they can edit goosebumps off of Kim. I'm wondering if this is some cruel joke being played on Kim. Did Ray J set this up? Is he behind the bad photo shoot? Or is it just time for Hef to retire? I'm sorry puffin, but I want my money back! Not only did I buy myself a magazine, but I bought 3 others to give as Christmas gifts and puffin, you ruined my gift giving. I want my money back.. and pronto!!!!

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