Saturday, June 4, 2011

Reversible Jeans... Would You?

Ever wish you could just turn your jeans inside out and get some extra mileage out of them before  laundry day? L.A.-based denim label Bleulab is giving wearers that option with reversible jeans that flip 

Alumina - kelly greenAlumina - cayman blue2to reveal another shade of blue or an even more striking and bright color like an emerald green. 
Founder and designer Carl Jones (he started Cross Colors back in 1989) uses double-sided fabric, sewn in pockets and two-way zippers and button closures to create pants that don’t actually look like you’re, well, wearing them inside out. Each pair is treated with a different wash, so one side might be a charcoal gray and the other a wax-coated black.
There are 20 color combinations in the line and four pant styles including a boot cut, skinny, wide leg and legging. Jones has also included a zip-up hoodie that’s black on one side, gray on the other and denim jackets that reverse to reveal a metallic side that’s flashier than the more subdued, standard blue side.
It’s an interesting concept that could provide more wardrobe choices, possibly less laundry (though ideally that wouldn’t be the case) and only slightly less obvious walks of shame.
Bleulab jeans range from $174 to $216 and are sold at Neiman Marcus Cusp and

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ana said...

they look awesome but they are pretty pricey too.