Friday, April 1, 2011

Patrick's Law

If I can stop crying long enough I can maybe explain This handsome boy is Patrick. His human starved him to death, put his nearly lifeless and emaciated body in a plastic garbage bag, then threw him down the garbage chute in a Newark apartment building.

Days later and against all odds, a maintenance man saw the bag moving and discovered Patrick was alive... Barely.

This story has touched millions of people around the world, making Patrick the Poster Puppy for stronger animal abuse legislation.

No animal deserves to be abused, abandoned or neglected. It’s time to encourage and pressure your elected officials to support the upcoming bill called Patrick’s Law, where all animal abuse will be treated as a felony with lengthy prison terms and hefty fines imposed as punishment.

Support the movement by simply "liking" the page, or volunteer to help run "Official Patrick's Law Facebook Page" for their state!


Miss Tapia said...

Why people choose to get a pet,or even have a baby and them hurt them is beyond me. It hurts my heart to know that it's going to keep happening. I hope when and if it does,the monsters are caught and thrown in jail. Forever.

Forever Fantastic said...

I don't understand how people can be so heartless. I hope whoever did this to him or any animal for that matter rots in prison.

Anonymous said...

I've been following this story ever since I saw this on your FB page (many thanks by the way). They are doing a great job in tracking Patrick's progress and letting people know how they can help the cause, one step at a time. Thank you again (even though I couldn't stop crying for the whole day)!!!

Forever Fantastic said...

Sum, I've been keeping an eye on him too. I so want to adopt him. I love how he's changing every day for the better. I love seeing him gain weight and wear cute clothes. LOL.

ana said...

this breaks my heart. he is so cute. and look at his eyes. its so sad how they are willing to forgive what another human did to them and love their new partner in crime dearly. pits are amazing, i read somewhere that they were family dogs in the early 1900's and were used as therapy dogs because when you hugged them they passed on very positive energy. its so true, i love both of my pits.

Forever Fantastic said...

Ana, I've been following Patrick's FB page and he is getting so much better. He weighs almost 30 pounds now and is looking great. and you're right, in some of the pics I see of him, he's licking and hugging the vets that are taking care of him. He seems so happy to be loved.