Saturday, August 28, 2010

I Must Be Getting Older...

Because this is what I'm doing on a Saturday night:

That's right, I'm enjoying some Brie cheese, Ritz Crackers, Ikea catalogue, and some Stella Rosa wine.

Speaking of Stella Rosa wine, it's to DIE for. I'm not a big red wine fan, I love my Riesling, White Zin, and Moscato, but this Stella Rosa kicks ass. It's considered a dessert wine which is sweeter than your average Red wine that is more dry. If you're ever at Bevmo or anywhere for that matter, pick up a bottle of Stella Rosa. YUM!


Anonymous said...

Brie on a RITZ!! Omg and you said period panties... hahahah I loves you

Forever Fantastic said...

heee hee don't judge me! Ha