Monday, July 26, 2010

Beauty On A Budget

It's no surprise that the economy is still hurting and people are budgeting like no other nowadays, and I'm no exception. I've always been one to budget, the boyfriend often laughs at me because I will see something that's over $20, freak out, and then put it back. Most of my clothes are from Forever 21, Love Culture, or Target and are normally on sale or under $20 (I don't know where my infatuation of not spending over $20 comes from). To cut costs, I'm all about giving myself mani's/pedi's (although every now and then I'll treat myself to a salon pedi....with a discount coupon of course) and doing my own waxing, hair coloring, etc. just to save a buck or two. The only thing that I haven't really budgeted on is my makeup, I LOVE my MAC, but this week has been rough (I didn't even get my Starbucks this morning,....the horror) money wise and I had to do a little penny pinching....but let me tell you, I've found some awesome stuff, let me show you.

The bf and I were having a Sunday date so I needed to get ready and my face put on:

I first put on my concealer that I've had and then I wanted my powder to cover up my blotchy skin. I'm always skeptical to purchase powder at Target, Wal-Mart or some other drugstore because you never know the right color you will get, but I took a chance on Loreal's Color Match powder (I read the little helpful hints, chose my color, crossed my fingers and hoped for the best). When I went home and put the powder on, wouldn't you know, it did what it said it would do and the color matched perfect, and it only cost me $8 compared to the $30 I spend on MAC Studio Fix
I've told you before about E.L.F. cosmetics where everything costs from $1.00-$3.00. You can get everything online or most Targets now carry it. I put E.L.F. eyeshadow primer, along with Glow Blush, and highlighted my eyes (so I didn't look tired) with E.L.F.'s highlighter. All three items cost me $3. 

To finish out my bronzy look, I used Cover Girls Gold Sizzle Eyeshadow- which only cost me $3. 

I threw on some lipgloss that I have at home and went on my Sunday date with the bf. Although I doubt I'll leave my MAC forever, it's nice to know, I can take a little break from it and still remain decent looking. LOL. 

Now, it's not my greatest makeup look, but at least I won't scare the kids with my unmasked, no makeup face when I hit the public...LOL... this is how my $15 or so makeup looked when done. As you can see, the powder matched my skin tone. Wooop!


Miss.Summer said...

I just got a few products from Jillian Dempsey for Avon. My fave product, the Professional Multi Pencil (eyes lips cheeks) is only 8 dollars. Check it out!

Forever Fantastic said...

I'm going now!!!