Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wet Paint Nail Glaze

I saw this commercial and was a little intrigued about the new product. It's a nail polish system that offers you six bottles of polish, but you can mix and match those colors to create 18 other colors.

Here's what the website said"
"Finding the perfect shade of nail polish to go with your outfit or mood is no longer a challenge! Introducing the Wet Paint Nail Glaze System. Now with 3 base colors and 3 glaze colors you can easily create up to 18 color shades. It's creative, easy and
fun. Applies just like regular nail polish, dries super fast and lasts a really long time!"

This is the color chart that easily shows you what colors to mix together to get a certain color.


Melissa T. said...

I have the Wet Paint Nail kit which I bought from the web site This is the most unique nail color product that I have ever seen. Its not just your basic nail polish. The kit has glazes which are applied over nail polish to make new colors. They have the most beautiful color wheel on the web site that shows all the colors that you can get out of the kit.

I've been making my own colors by mixing polishes for years. Sometimes I get a streaky mess but with the Wet Paint kit, I get great results everytime because the glazes and base colors were made to work with each other. These are premium colors, too! And I'm tired of wasting money on nail polish companies that make bad polish! My nail color hasn't chipped, cracked or peeled since I started using Wet Paint's Mirror Glaze..great stuff!!!!! I love it!

In my opinion, Wet Paint is a great company and from what I read, the Creator of this company is a Manicurist who really knows her stuff! I'm just really impressed with this new product and can't wait to see what other colors will be coming out in the future.

Kitty said...

These polishes are awesome. They are like lip gloss for your nails. The gloss is amazing and the polish really does last a long time. Looking forward to summer so that I can paint my toe nails and show off my new colors! Way to go WP.

Kitty said...

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