Friday, September 12, 2008

E.L.F - and I don't mean a Christmas one

Anyone that knows me knows I'm a bargain shopper. I don't see the point in spending a ton of money on something that will only be in style for a season. You can bet that when I go shopping, I'm always in the back of the store where the Sale racks are. There are a few things I splurge my makeup from MAC, but even then, there's sometimes, that I'm just really tight on money and when that day comes, I go to one of my favorite website, E.L.F (
Everything is $1..seriously, $1 for blush, lip gloss, eyeshadow (well except for their mineral line, but even that is cheap..only $8). I've tried most of their stuff, and I actually like it a lot. There are a few lip glosses that I don't care for, but that's about it.

psssst, also, the person behind E.L.F. is Scott Vincent-Borba! If you've never heard of him, maybe you've heard of's a pricey skin care system you can find at Ulta.

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