Monday, December 31, 2007

Adios 2007...

The things I'll remember most about 2007:

Anna Nicole's death

My trip to Disneyland with my boyfriend

The Justin Timberlake concert and getting into a fight with the gay guy.

Drunk musical chairs at my company's holiday party

Out for James bday at Valley Ho.. we were faded!!

Jamie J leaving us to move to LA

Gondola Ride with my man... Romantic

Barcelona's for Tina's bday

Aaron's 30th bday party @ 202 Sushi

Jay-Z concert

Fainting at the Jay-Z Concert

Jamie Lynn Spears Preggo

Jay-Z's Kingdom Come CD

Jennifer Lopez is finally Prego!

Gay Clubs Rule All

Winning Tix to See Jay-Z in LA

The things I'll miss most about 2007

Veronica Mars

Good Friday's even though I didn't go as often as I should have.

The things I can't wait to leave behind in 2007..

Soulja boi

Sean Kingston

My debt/ financial crap!

My Fat... time to get fit!

Brit Brit's Vagina

A shot at love with Tila Tequila... that show was horrible!

Things I'm looking forward to in 08:

1. Paying off more, if not, all of my debt

2. Buying a new car

3. Going on a vacation with my boyfriend.. Sandals, here we come!

4. Going back to school.

5. Getting back into the gym, hardcore.

6. Getting back into yoga... I miss it like crazy

7. finding a hobby... something, anything.

8. Volunteering more.. not just donating money. Which of course if great, but I want to get involved more.

9. Spending more time with my man... I love being in his company.

10. Dominic's and Shawn's 30th Bday Parties

11. My 30th birthday party! It's going to be bananas!

12. Spending more time with Chino, Marie, Junior and new baby.. since they've moved back to AZ.

13. My neice... this will be my first neice.. can't wait! Hurry up Bailey!

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